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A successful health care organization starts with a great team.

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We help build your team.

Looking for a new career?

Our expertise in ophthalmology, dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) provides us with a unique understanding of the needs of a health care organization and empowers us to recruit on your behalf.

We focus only on non-physician roles in practices and ASCs. We have deep experience helping health care organizations find their next executive, administrative, or operations leader; clinical team members such as nurses, technicians, and patient care coordinators; or other important team members.

When you engage with us, our process ensures you find the right candidate — not just any candidate.

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We work with you to understand what you need and who you're looking for by: 

  • Conducting an in-depth assessment with your key decision-makers.
  • Creating an engaging job post specific to your position and company for your approval.

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Candidate Sourcing

Our approach to finding the right candidates is two-fold: 

  • Reactively: Posting on BSM Career Center, LinkedIn, job boards, and, as appropriate, industry-specific sites.
  • Proactively: Reaching out to our vast network, candidates in our database, and passive and active job seekers through our LinkedIn Recruiter license.

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Our interview process ensures your receive only the most qualified candidates, saving you time and effort. Our recruitment team streamlines the process for you by: 

  • Conducting initial screening interviews to filter out non-viable candidates. 
  • Providing detailed summaries and insights on viable candidates to prepare you to conduct productive interviews.
  • Coordinating post-interview discussions with your team to facilitate your decision-making process.

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Hiring & Onboarding

After you've selected your candidate, we can continue to help you through the process by: 

  • Completing professional reference checks.
  • Helping you create an onboarding plan for your new team members to ensure their successful integration into your organization. 

Unlike typical recruiters who charge a contingency fee*, we use flat fees. You always know what you are paying, and there are no surprises at the end of an engagement.

  • 50% nonrefundable retainer
  • 50% upon completion

* Contingency fees are typically 15-20% of a candidate's final negotiated compensation. 

“I consider BSM an integral part of our practice. I am grateful for its commitment to excellence and for its ability to secure a top-notch administrator for our practice. In my opinion, working with an organization like BSM is essential to any growing, state-of-the-art practice that wants to successfully navigate through an ever-changing health care environment.”

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Brad C. Black, M.D.

CEO, Dr. Black's Eye Associates

Every engagement is unique. Let's talk about how we can help you.

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