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Certified Patient Service Specialist

Professional certification increases the quality of patient care. 

We understand the challenges in hiring the right talent to manage the front desk and initial interactions with patients when they enter your health care practice. We also know how hard it is to keep employees motivated, engaged, and satisfied on their professional career path. That’s why we created the Certified Patient Service Specialist (CPSS) program in partnership with American Society of Ophthalmic Adminstrators (ASOA). 

CPSS is an online certification and continuing education program designed for ophthalmology practice and ambulatory surgery center staff. With access to the website 24/7, you can easily give your team the tools and confidence to manage the patient experience from start to finish. Course topics range from customer service to industry-specific areas like ophthalmic diagnoses; eye care examinations; triaging; and billing, coding, and insurance.

Providing a professional career path with CPSS. 

Program Components

Whether you are a manager or candidate for certification, we’ve created a series of tools and resources to help you implement — and complete — the online certification program.

  • Access to 19 online study courses to prepare for the certification exam
  • Management tools to successfully implement the program
  • Additional ASC certification for surgery center employees
  • Recertification resources to maintain CPSS status

Benefits of Certification

Over the past 35 years in health care consulting, we’ve developed a series of tools and resources in the areas most critical to business management success. BSM Connection members have access to a vast array of proven tool and resources, including: tutorials, analyzers, templates, reports, and surveys.

  • Your nonclinical employees are often the unsung heroes in the practice. From the first interaction with a patient to check-out, they leave a lasting impact on the overall practice image.
  • Offer a professional development pathway for new and experienced employees
  • Indicate a high level of competency and commitment to patients
  • Offer a tangible employee benefit that supports staff growth and retention

Who is Eligible

We encourage everyone in your practice to achieve CPSS status. In fact, we will present your practice with a CPSS achievement award when 20 percent of full-time employees are CPSS certified. Below are just a few positions that may be interested in achieving certification.

  • Front office – check-in receptionist, front desk assistant, scheduling coordinator
  • Business office – administrative assistant, billing personnel, check-out personnel
  • Administration – community outreach coordinator, managers, marketing personnel

Certification in six easy steps. 

We know how valuable time is in practices and that is why we have made the CPSS program easy to access and use. 

  1. Enroll your practice or ASC and applicants.
  2. Obtain an administrator login, program materials, and guidebook.
  3. Applicants gain access to 19 training courses.
  4. Applicants take computerized certification test with 130 questions.
  5. Applicants receive test results immediately.
  6. Applicants receive a certificate and pin with a passing score of 80 percent or higher.

One-time practice subscription fee and affordable individual applicant fees.

All study materials, access to the certification exam, certificate/pin, and three-year certification status are included in the fees. 

  • $400 one-time practice fee
  • $75 individual applicant fee

Discounted pricing is available for current BSM Connection members.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

Our customer relations specialists are available to show you everything that is available through the CPSS program. We’d be happy to schedule a time to show you and the rest of your management team a hands-on demo.

Read what our members are saying.

“The value of CPSS certification is immeasurable. Our team members’ certifications demonstrate their commitment to their careers and a desire to learn and grow. CPSS provides a level of professionalism, competence, and confidence that is critical for ongoing success. When team members ask me to register them for the CPSS program, I know they want to take the next step in their career. They are actively committing to their ongoing learning, continuous improvement, and overall desire to be a value-add to our team.”

Hayley G. Boling, MBA
CEO, Boling Vision Center

"Our doctors are requiring all staff to be CPSS certified by the end of this year. 75% of our staff are already certified YTD!! The best outcome of this certification is that all staff learn important concepts not related to their job responsibilities. For example, our technicians learn about coding, human resources,  and front desk tasks.  Our front desk staff learn medical terminology, anatomy of the eye and  the use of ophthalmic equipment. The CPSS certification has given our staff an appreciation for all department's responsibilities for quality patient care."

Rebecca Rivenbark, COE, OCS, CPSS
Practice Administrator, Carolina Ophthalmology Associates