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Laura Baldwin

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Use Organizational Purpose to Create Success in 2023

Use Organizational Purpose to Create Success in 2023

It’s hard to believe we are approaching the end of 2022. Where did the year go? Before the new year sneaks up on us, now is the time to take stock of what is important to focus on in 2023. While there are many competing priorities, one that rises to the top is becoming clear on your organizational purpose and how to integrate it in a way that creates success. 

What is Organizational Purpose?

The concept of organizational purpose is not new and is often considered simply to be your “why.” This is a critical element. I like to follow a broader definition of organizational purpose that includes mission, vision, and core values — the trifecta of success! Simply put, it’s understanding what your business does and why (your mission), what it aspires to be (your vision), and how your organization supports what it does through values and behaviors (your core values). It is the roadmap that every team member can feel connected to and support on a daily basis.

The Importance of Organizational Purpose

An abundance of research shows that an organization’s purpose matters — not only to its clients but, even more importantly, to its team members. Today’s employees seek organizations with a clear purpose embedded into their foundation and behaviors and beliefs that are demonstrated and upheld by all. They seek meaningful work that supports the organization’s mission and creates a connection between their job and its success.

People are no longer willing to tolerate work environments where organizational purpose is a platitude on a wall or in a policy and procedure book. Businesses today must walk the walk and create a culture and environment that upholds its purpose daily. If you want to overcome the current workforce and staffing challenges, your organizational purpose is a wonderful place to start. 

Getting Started

While it may seem a bit “fluffy” compared to other important responsibilities, focusing attention on your organizational purpose will pay dividends. Here are two recommendations to help you move forward:

  1. Evaluate your current state. Take a critical look at what you have today in terms of a mission and vision statement, as well as core values. Ask the following questions:
         - Do they represent who we are today?
         - Do all team members know and can articulate our organizational purpose?
         - Has our business shifted in such a way that we need to refresh our mission, vision, and/or values?
    There is nothing wrong with discovering youneed an update. It’s actually a fantastic opportunity to engage all team members in the process of refreshing your organizational purpose. We did this last December at BSM; in addition to the fun of having the entire staff involved in creating our new mission statement and core values, the process also communicated that each person’s input was important. Additionally, it created a high level of accountability for upholding these values and investing in how we show up daily. 
  2. Assess integration. A successful business has its organizational purpose woven into everything. Maybe you already have a great organizational purpose but need to integrate it further into certain areas. You should consider how you can fold these principles into:
         - Recruitment and hiring
         - Onboarding and training
         - Team meetings
         - Project planning and management
         - Celebrations and recognition
    A phased approach to integration is usually more manageable, so don’t worry about including all of the above immediately. Instead, identify one or two opportunities to enhance the use of your mission, vision, and values and then build upon the success. Simple ideas — like recognizing team members for demonstrating a core value — are a great starting point!
Live it Every Day

Make 2023 the year you energize your team by having a dedicated focus on your organizational purpose! Your mission, vision, and values are not just words you say but how you live every day. When kept at the center of everything you do, organizational purpose creates a culture and environment that support employee engagement and connection and, ultimately, satisfaction and retention. 

NEED HELP AND SUPPORT REFRESHING YOUR ORGANIZATIONAL PURPOSE?  Contact us for a complimentary session to identify how we can help! Our team is experienced in helping practices create and integrate their mission, vision, and core values in fun and creative ways that enhance practice culture. 


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