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Courtney Leonis

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Developing Your ASC Nurse Leaders

Developing Your ASC Nurse Leaders

A conference specifically for ambulatory surgery center (ASC) nurse leaders has never been more relevant or needed. A 2021 survey by ASC Data, found that the greatest challenges ASCs face include staffing, retention, recruitment, and burnout.

At Progressive Surgical Solutions (PSS), we see this play out daily in our consulting work with ASC nurses. The crisis is real, and we believe a focus on leadership development is fundamental to alleviating it. This is because we know that great leaders beget strong teams and stable organizations. Knowing that, we are eager and honored to do our part by hosting the ASC Nurse Leadership Conference (NLC) again this year.

A Conference Like No Other

What began as a passion project in 2020, has evolved into a highly anticipated educational and networking event for ASC nurses. The third annual ASC NLC will take place April 27-28, 2023, at the Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas. As it grows, the NLC continues to set itself apart from other industry events in several ways.

ASC-focused. ASCs are different than other healthcare facilities. They are highly regulated, fast-paced, lean organizations. ASCs are held to exceptionally high regulatory compliance standards with intense oversight and enforcement. Simultaneously, ASCs are also businesses. Given the complexity of running these facilities, we make sure every topic at the NLC is relevant and applicable to the ASC environment.

Nurse leader-focused. ASC clinical directors determine a facility’s success by directly impacting clinical compliance, operational efficiency, standard of care, employee satisfaction, patient safety, and, ultimately, financial success. Although vital, their role is often undervalued. For this reason, the NLC completely focuses on the nurse leader. Every session is done with them in mind, and every topic is approached from their perspective.

The perfect size. The NLC will never reach the size and scope of similar national conferences — on purpose. It is personal and intimate by design to create an environment for optimal growth and connection. Our goal is to deliver an impactful professional growth and development experience for all attendees.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

With every conference, we collect attendee feedback. Below is what two 2022 attendees had to say about the ASC NLC.

“It was phenomenal! I attended conferences in the past, but this being ASC-specific was very informative. It offered a wide network of resources, not just for regulatory compliance but also for building a stronger and more efficient ASC team. The speakers are experts in their topics, and the presentations were excellent. When I returned to work, I knew right away that we are going to be better prepared for our upcoming accreditation survey. I am grateful to the PSS team for this great opportunity to meet with colleagues from other states in this same industry.”

“I appreciate how personal and up-close it felt. The PSS staff called me by name throughout the conference. They were genuinely interested in the issues and concerns we are experiencing at our facilities, and (they) offered solid, practical ways to tackle these issues.”

When attendee feedback reiterates the aims we set out to achieve, we know we are on the right track. We will carry this momentum into this year’s two-day event.

2023 ASC NLC Lineup

Using feedback from 2022 attendees, we started to craft the NLC 2023 program. There was a resounding request for topics related to human resources such as hiring and retention, as well as a legal perspective in investigations. We also know clinical compliance remains a top priority for attendees. Most of all, we want to emphasize leadership development to give attendees the tools they need to elevate their organizational culture and advocate for themselves and their teams. All this is reflected in our 2023 ASC NLC agenda (outlined below).

April 27, 2023

  • Blaze Your Brain: How to Turn Negative Thoughts into Positivity, Bigger Action, and Better Results (keynote)
  • The Great Resignation | the Data, the Shortage, and What You Can Do About It
  • Best Practices for Inventory Management
  • Nurse-to-Nurse: Cracking the Code on Life Safety Code Inspections, Testing, and Maintenance
  • Human Resources from a Legal Perspective | Effective Workplace Investigations
  • Insights Discovery™ (workshop)
  • Vender Networking Reception, where attendees can meet the NLC’s valued sponsors and learn about their products and services.  

April 28, 2023

  • How to be the Leader You'd Want to Follow and Create a High-Performing Organization that Excels Even Amid Crisis (workshop)
  • Building Your Executive Presence
  • Best Practices for Effective and Compliant Quarterly Meetings
  • Infection Control Hot Topics
A Worthwhile Investment

Nurse leaders are the backbone and lifeblood of ASC facilities. The ASC NLC is one simple way to strengthen your ASC through leadership training and development. We hope you will consider letting your nurse leaders join us this year, along with our valued sponsors who help make this event possible.

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