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Laurie Brown

Billing, Coding & Compliance
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5 Benefits of Customized Compliance Training

With coding and compliance updates occurring every year, it is essential that your team stays up to date on changes. Training ensures proper coding and billing, which supports a successful reimbursement process for the practice. Watch BSM Senior Consultant Laurie Brown in the video above explain how customized training can best equip your team to do a great job in this important business area.

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Video Transcript

Hello, and welcome to this installment of BSM Consulting’s Vlog. My name is Laurie Brown, and I’m a Senior Consultant with BSM. Today, we’re going to talk about the top five reasons to consider a customized approach to billing, coding, and compliance training within your practice. ​

Are you having trouble keeping up with the latest rules and regulations? Do you believe that some members of your team may not be completely up to speed with current compliance requirements? If so, then a customized approach to training will ensure everyone in your practice is on the same page.​

Here are our top five reasons for customizing and conducting impactful training in your practice. ​

First of all, it’s essential to keep your practice informed of any relevant annual coding updates each year. Accurate billing and coding relies on everyone in the team having the information they need that supports a successful and efficient reimbursement process. Every year the rules of the game change a little — sometimes a lot — so it’s important that they have the information they need, and annual training is a great way to ensure that everyone is up to date and equipped to do a great job. ​

While it’s important to provide written updates for staff to assimilate and reference, providing an open forum training session allows you to focus on and engage your team in discussion around particular risk areas in your practice based on the work you do and the specific scenarios your team encounters on a daily basis. Almost without fail, if one team member has a question, it’s also on the mind of others, so there’s great value in addressing these in an open forum.

In planning a training session, consider including topics related to any issues you and your team have identified in your practice that would benefit from additional discussion and clarification. Internal audit feedback can also often provide good training subject matter. Listening to your team and keeping note of current topics on their minds will help to ensure that regular group training sessions can be customized to be most meaningful and relevant for your practice.​

Conducting a live training session versus purchasing canned pre-recorded webinars allows you and your staff to have real-time interaction with your trainer, further explore areas of concern, and get answers to your specific questions. This opens the floor for meaningful and impactful discussions, [as well as] providing the opportunity to work through practice-specific examples to cement concepts even further. Consider which training topics may lend themselves to live sessions within your practice.

For any training offered in your practice, taking the time to incorporate some real-life examples into your content will help your team to assimilate learnings and apply them to their daily work. For example, using real charting examples from your practice with a billing, coding, and chart documentation training session will help to ensure that your staff is on the same page, with exactly how you want your charting to look and the best way to use your EHR and practice management systems for the most compliant outcomes.

Finally, providing training customized to your practice provides the opportunity to record the session for future internal use. This can be very helpful in bringing new employees up to speed and revisiting issues you’ve ironed out in the past. Also, just revisiting the recorded training from time-to-time can be beneficial when issues need to be reinforced in the practice. ​

If customized training sounds like it would be beneficial to your practice, but you don’t know where to start, BSM can help! Our team of experts can tailor billing, coding, and compliance training to your specific practice needs. Set up a complimentary call to explore how BSM can best serve you and your practice. ​

We are here to help.​


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