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Ever After: Married to the Boss

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 9:00 AM

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Written by: Cass Maller

Cass Maller
Director of payroll services

Happy Valentine’s Day, honey! I mean, boss!

Bruce started BSM Consulting shortly after we got married 39 years ago, and I joined the company a few years later. That means I am married to my boss. While that sounds like an action-packed TV show — sort of like “Married to the Mob” — I can honestly say that so far there have been no shootouts, explosions, or cement boots in the script  (whew … big sigh of relief).

However, reflecting upon those years, we’ve certainly had our share of excitement and challenges. I think the work relationship has been easier on me than Bruce, despite him being much more adept at walking the work/marriage tightrope than I am. He’s had years of practice negotiating, coaching, and hand holding his clients. He is amazingly good at it.

Bruce also has a management style that allows individuals to grow at work at their own pace. By allowing employees to take responsibility for their own career path, Bruce has enabled everyone — including me — to define the role they want to play at BSM. In particular, this allowed me to be flexible as I handled raising our two sons and volunteering in the community.

Our boys — Andrew and Ben — both came to work with us as little ones and also worked with us as adults. I think watching their dad at work helped shape them into the fantastic, wonderful men, employees, and leaders that they are today. I am very grateful to Bruce for this, both on my behalf and theirs.

In many ways the company has been our third child. It has been a daily part of our lives for nearly 40 years, with its own unique set of needs and growing pains. There were times when Bruce and I had to put the company first — above even our own needs and wants. It never seemed to be difficult for Bruce to make those choices though I am sure there were times he did struggle.

Yet, out of those challenges and sacrifices, has come perhaps the best part of being married to the boss — I get to be part of a much bigger family, my BSM family. For the past 39 years I have gotten to witness new loves, marriages, babies, breakups, and sadly, a few deaths. I am truly blessed to be able to share in the lives of these wonderful people who I proudly call my coworkers, friends, and extended family members. Simply knowing these people has shaped me and my life in unmeasurable ways.

Every day I witness the grace, strength, humility, and teamwork of my BSM family. I am so impressed with their intellect, talents, the pride they take in their work, and how happy they seem to be working for BSM. As the BSM family has grown and evolved, so has Bruce. Watching him grow as he built and shaped this company has been amazing to witness firsthand. Words can’t express how proud I am of Bruce and BSM.

After nearly 40 years, I am delighted to say it is a joy to come to work every day … and it is marvelous to be able to end the day at home with the boss! I am a lucky lady! Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone I call family.

YOUR TURN: If you and your significant other work for the same company, how do you make it work? Please leave your response in the comment section below. Thank you.

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