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Hot Off the Press: 7 New BSM Articles Available to Read

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 9:00 AM

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Written by: BSM staff

BSM consultants and staff were busy over the past few months, authoring numerous articles for a variety of respected ophthalmic industry magazines. Here is a roundup of what BSM experts had to say (in writing), with links to the full articles included.

Administrative Eyecare (AE) magazine

Compliance Success: Doing the Right Thing and Doing Things Right
By Maureen Waddle, MBA, and Dixon Davis, MBA, MHSA
Being compliant is becoming more essential, not only to meet legal and contractual requirements but also to help ensure efficient operations and financial security. To achieve success, start with a good compliance plan, which can be crafted by following the steps listed in this article. Read the full article to learn more …

Self-Assessment: Are You Ready for a Job Change?
By Margaret Moran
Work takes up a great deal of your time and energy. Therefore, it’s critical that you are working in the right job and for the right practice. This article lists the questions you should ask yourself to determine if you should remain in your current position or search for a new one. Read the full article to learn more …

Ophthalmology Management magazine

Best Practices: Getting Your Head Count Just Right
By Andrew Maller, MBA, COE
Having the right number of staff to meet the needs of an ophthalmology practice continues to be one of the most common topics I’m asked as a practice management consultant. To get an accurate answer, you need to do some research, network with colleagues, and use objective data points for comparators. The ratios introduced in this article can be helpful in examining staffing efficiencies at the department level. Read the full article to learn more …

Ophthalmic Professional magazine

Viewpoint: Happy New (Learning) Year
By Bruce Maller
One of the challenges we face working in ophthalmology is that our world is constantly changing. Whether it is the advent of new technology or the introduction of new regulations, it seems that nearly every day we need to adapt to a new set of rules, policies, or procedures. Early in my career, I was fortunate to learn that every challenge usually includes an opportunity for learning and discovery. Read the full article to learn more …

Customer Service: Working with Difficult Patients
By Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR
Scenario: A number of staff members have recently reported rude patient behavior. While the practice manager cannot eliminate all impolite conduct, she considers possible causes for patient misconduct and how the clinic can better deal with difficult patients. This article mentions some strategies for managers and staff members alike to consider. Read the full article to learn more …

Customer Service: Learning from Disney
By Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR
In May, the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA) hosted a customer service seminar through Disney Institute at its annual congress in New Orleans. Administrators and managers attended the seminar to see if they could implement “Disney magic” customer service in an ophthalmology practice. Recently, I spoke with seminar attendee Nikoletta “Niki” Rice, office manager for Eastside Eye Associates in Manhattan. This article highlights some of the lessons she took away. Read the full article to learn more …

The Ophthalmic ASC

Don’t Put Dollars Before Sense: How to Evaluate a Potential ASC Sale
By Maureen Waddle, MBA
A well-run ambulatory surgery center (ASC) can be a great investment for ophthalmologists. However, running an ASC can involve a great deal of work, and, at some point, many owners might find themselves considering selling all or part of the surgery center. However, before embarking on the selling process, it is important to consider the strategic questions outlined in this article first. Read the full article to learn more …

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