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Hot Off the Press: 6 New BSM Articles Available to Read

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 9:00 AM

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Written by: BSM staff

BSM consultants and staff were busy over the past few months, authoring numerous articles for a variety of respected industry magazines. Here is a roundup of what the BSM experts had to say (in writing), with links to the full articles included.

Administrative Eyecare (AE) magazine

Survey Says … The Benefits of Knowing What Your Patients Think
By Allan Walker
Today’s competitive, value-based health care environment demands that practices make every attempt possible to know what their patients are thinking at all times. This article pinpoints the numerous benefits available to practices that apply the time, commitment, and resources to actively gather and monitor feedback through formal patient surveys. Read the full article to learn more …

Break-Even Analysis: A Critical Component in Financial Decision Making
By Maureen Waddle, MBA, and Dixon Davis, MBA, MHSA
The break-even analysis is a tool to make sound business and financial decisions. It identifies when a potential investment moves from a financial loss to net zero and (ideally) profitability. This article highlights some practice scenarios when the analysis can be applied. Read the full article to learn more …

Ophthalmology Management magazine

Best Practices: Reporting Compliance Success in an Age of Challenges
By Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR
In an era of continuous regulatory and compliance mandates, many practices are overwhelmed by the changes in quality reporting programs. This article examines how one proactive practice — Laurel Eye Clinic — has stayed ahead of the ever increasingly complex compliance curve. Read the full article to learn more …

Best Practices: Good Will Leadership
By Derek Preece, MBA
Good leadership is not just a happy accident when practices manage changeovers from one generation of doctors to the next. Good governance is borne out of thoughtful preparation. This article lists some considerations to take into account when trying to best identify and develop successful future physician leaders. Read the full article to learn more 

Best Practices: Practice Building 101
By Allan Walker
Many successful ophthalmologists attribute their practice's external success to having a strong internal foundation. The goal of any management team therefore should be to develop and fine-tune internal core beliefs, systems, and processes. This article explores some actions to take to help get one's practice in order. Read the full article to learn more

Ophthalmic Professional magazine

Customer Service: Improve Your Telephone Etiquette
By Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR
The telephone is vital to any practice as it serves as the main link to the practice for many patients. Callers will judge a practice based on how they were treated over the phone. This article outlines how staff can make a great impression while on the phone. Read the full article to learn more

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