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Hot Off the Press: 11 New BSM Articles Available to Read

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 9:00 AM

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Written by: BSM staff

BSM consultants and staff were busy over the past few months, authoring numerous articles for a variety of respected industry magazines. Here is a roundup of what BSM experts had to say (in writing), with links to the full articles.

Administrative Eyecare (AE) magazine

2017 Medicare Update
By E. Ann Rose, FASOA
The 2017 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule contains updates on payment policies and rates for services furnished by Medicare providers. Read the full article to learn more …

Most Wanted: 10 Interpersonal Skills You Need to be a Successful Administrator
By Margaret Moran
Strong interpersonal skills, which are sometimes referred to as people skills or soft skills, are essential in a dynamic practice setting, where interacting closely with others is a professional necessity. Read the full article to learn more …

Self-Assessment: How Great Leaders Continuously Improve
By Maureen Waddle, MBA, and Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR
This article focuses on self-assessment, its importance to leaders, and some practical ways for leaders to assess and use their self-knowledge to enhance performance. Read the full article to learn more …

Trust Me: Watch Your Team Excel When They Believe in You
By Allan Walker
To get the most out of your team — loyalty, respect, productivity, and teamwork — it is essential that practice leaders routinely embrace and display the characteristics, traits, and actions that make trust a meaningful core practice value. Read the full article to learn more …

Ophthalmology Management magazine

Best Practices: Big Data and You
By Maureen Waddle, MBA 
Benchmarking has always been valuable in the improvement process, but now it is even more helpful in understanding how payers perceive providers. Sharpening one’s analytical skills will help leaders to best position their practices and ASCs for future success. Read the full article to learn more …

Best Practices: Legend or Footnote?
By Allan Walker
How will you be remembered after you walk out the practice door for the last time? Will you be a legend or a forgotten footnote? To leave a positive and meaningful legacy that contributes to future practice success, you will want to develop a specific set of skills and abilities. Read the full article to learn more …

Ophthalmic Professional magazine

Customer Service: Focus on Soft Skills
By Elizabeth Monroe, COE, CPSS, PHR
When hiring, the most suitable candidates may not have ophthalmology experience, but they should have the sufficient soft skills to take excellent care of patients. Read the full article to learn more …

Compliance: Dress for Success
By C. Jolynn Cook, RN, COE, CASC
A thoughtful, comprehensive dress code should be part of your brand. Compliance with a dress code sends a clear message to patients, guests, and other employees that “we care.” Read the full article to learn more …

Raise Your Financial IQ
By Andrew Maller, MBA, COE
While this article introduces only a few of the many important financial management topics that impact a practice, developing a better understanding of financial processes and terms allows all staff members to better determine how they may influence the revenue cycle management process. Read the full article to learn more …

Compliance: Successful Employee Transitions
By C. Jolynn Cook, RN, COE, CASC
It takes time to adequately orient an employee to a new position, and finding the time to do a thorough job is not always easy. Before staff enter a new position, follow these 10 tips to provide adequate training. Read the full article to learn more …

The Ophthalmic ASC

OAS CAHPS Survey: How to Get Started
By Maureen Waddle, MBA, and C. Jolynn Cook, RN, COE, CASC
While recently delayed, it is still possible that any ASC that sees 60 or more eligible patients per year will need to contract with a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS)-approved vendor to administer the Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (OAS CAHPS) Survey. Read the full article to learn more …

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