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BSM Connection® for Ophthalmology is a fee-based practice management website dedicated to providing innovative and informative solutions to the eye care community.

From the convenience of accredited eLearning courses for staff and management to extensive online tools and practice management resources, itís easy to understand why so many practices rely on BSM Connection® for Ophthalmology to provide creative and proven business solutions for the daily challenges of managing a practice.

The site provides a wide variety of valuable and useful tools and resources designed to enhance the experience of patients in your practice. New content is added on a regular basis and updates are included as part of your annual subscription fee. A more in-depth look at our extensive offering is provided below.

One of the most exciting features of BSM Connection® for Ophthalmology is our eLearning Center, which provides continuing education for over 35,000 ophthalmic personnel. We are dedicated and committed to delivering high quality training to a broad target audience.
  • General Business Personnel
  • New Employees
  • Clinical Personnel
Our offering includes an in-depth library of online training modules
  • Customer Service
  • Business Office
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Management and Professional Development
  • JCAHPO Accredited Technician Courses
  • ABO Accredited Optical Courses
and management tools
  • Guidebook to Developing an eLearning Program
  • Student Training Plans
  • Student Report Cards
  • Certificates of Completion
to help you set up your eLearning program and implement staff training in a very cost effective and efficient manner.

We're confident you'll find this feature of tremendous benefit to you and your practice.

This interactive tool allows you to connect with industry experts on a variety of categories.
  • Billing and Coding
  • Clinical Operations
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Website Initiatives
Questions are answered within 5 to 10 business days. You can also view our expansive library of archived Q&A to see what questions have been asked by your peer group. Click here for a sample Q&A.
QUESTION: Do you have any national benchmarks for the average number of days outstanding for accounts receivables?

ANSWER: For claims that are submitted to insurance, our benchmark for the 25th through the 75th percentiles for general ophthalmology practices is 25 to 40 days. For practices that do a significant volume of pre-paid services such as refractive or cosmetic surgery, the days in A/R can be less than 20, because those procedures have zero days in A/R and that lowers the figure for the overall accounts receivable.

Practices that perform high numbers of intraocular injections may find that their days in A/R exceed 40 due to slow payment on some of the injectable drugs. We also have seen an increase in outstanding accounts receivable during difficult economic times or national crisis.

Effectively managing the operations of a medical practice, while meeting the needs of all patients is essential for practice success. BSM Connection® for Ophthalmology provides an extensive library of resources for all areas of practice management including marketing,
  • Marketing Plan and Budget Tools
  • Tracking Reports
  • Sample Ads
  • Website Resources
  • Patient Newsletters
financial management,
  • Training Guides
  • Financial Reports
  • Analyzer Tools
  • Business Office Policies and Procedures
  • Payer Contract Analysis
human resources
  • Training Guides
  • Recruitment Resources
  • Job Descriptions
  • Performance Evaluation Forms
  • Personnel Forms
  • Policy and Procedure Manual
and practice operations.
  • Clinical Operations Tools
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Optical Shop Tools
  • Payer Contracting Information
  • Provider Recruitment Resources
A comprehensive library of business management articles, glossary of terms, and reference guides allows you to gain additional insight and knowledge about areas that are most important to your program.

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